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Foto del negozio di Grosseto
Emiliano Rusci, Fausto Ciacci, Simone Lorenzoni nel negozio a Grosseto

We are able to provide you with the security of a service at all times 
safe and effective.

Also online.

Call us and contact us for all your needs.


We espouse the philosophy that we try to fix beforehand and only if we don't succeed we throw away an object, with the awareness that even repair must be affordable.


Sometimes the market offers innovative solutions that thanks to continuous training courses and contacts with our suppliers we are the first to know.

Come and visit us for any doubts or needs. We will be happy to search with you for the appropriate solution to your problems. 


If you have problems in a busy period of work, look us up and we will try to help you in urgent situations.

For us your satisfaction comes first.

Foto del negozio
Scaffali del negozio con macchinari a Grosseto

We believe deeply in mutual respect, in the world of work that creates value and collaboration.

This is the philosophy that has allowed us to create serious and lasting relationships of collaboration for years.

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